Lavrov: NATO is trying to build from Russia the image of enemy, Moscow is not engaged

Lavrov: NATO is trying to build from Russia the image of enemy, Moscow is not engaged

MOSCOW, November 19. NATO is trying to build from Russia the image of enemy, Moscow is not looking for enemies and never search will not. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with “Radio Russia”, answering a question about the relevance to Russian foreign policy divide countries into friends and enemies.

“For us it is absolutely unacceptable, – said the Minister. – The President of Russia Vladimir Putin have repeatedly said that we are not looking for enemies, never sought and will not seek them”. “Countries that have a particular point of view, and they, probably, most, because there cannot be unanimity in all things, may not be discipline of the rod, although it is trying to impose in the North Atlantic Alliance, for example, and in the European Union, – he said. – But I can’t. And once recovered more or less serious of a problem situation, such as refugees, there is a national characteristic”. “And it always will be, – said Lavrov. – Even the closest allies can’t be 100% coincidence of interests, so diplomacy has to find a compromise”.

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“But when our Western partners put forward the slogan “either with us or against us”, addressing it to our neighbours, including the countries of the former Soviet Union, it is actually a veiled way to turn someone into an enemy, – said the Minister. – NATO is now actively search for the enemy, because they sense its existence after the failure of the Afghan campaign once again began to look for. And after Afghanistan such decadent moods among NATO members was present: “is it necessary at all to go there?”, “now what are we going to do and what to do?”

“And then all of a sudden it turned up the coup d’etat in Ukraine, loud statements that will be banned the Russian language in Crimea is Russian has nothing to do, – noticed Lavrov. – Then this was followed by reactions. And here came the occasion to speculate on self-determination of the Crimean people”.

“One of us actively molded the image of the enemy once again”

“Right now, the us has actively molded the image of the enemy once again, – said the head of Russian diplomacy. – We do not do, on the contrary, we reiterate our proposal, which I mentioned, – 1954, when he proposed a pan-European Treaty on collective security”.

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“In 2008, we renewed this initiative, already having renewed it applying to modern realities, and offered to conclude a Treaty on Euro-Atlantic security, that is, having in mind not only the European continent but North America, stated the Minister. – This offer suck, but the principles therein laid down, the principles of equal and indivisible security, when no state will be its security at the expense of the security of others, is absolutely critical.”

“Moreover, they are enshrined in political declarations in the framework of the organization for security cooperation in Europe, and in the framework of the Council Russia-NATO, when it was created, – noticed Lavrov. But when we suggested that the political principles that no one should infringe upon the safety of another, to put into language that would be legally binding, immediately our Western partners, in fact, from its obligations taken in the political section at the highest level, began to move away”.

The increased NATO presence on Russia’s borders

Sergey Lavrov also called deceit, the attempts by NATO to increase presence on the Russian borders in crawl of mutual agreements on mutual relations, cooperation and security.

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“NATO is increasing its presence of its vehicles, heavy weapons on border with Russia in the violation of the basic act, which States that on an ongoing basis such forces would not be deployed on the territory of new members, – said the Minister. – Trying to get around that minor tweaks”.

“This, we are told, not constant force is the rotation, he said. But who cares if every six months there will be a team to replace a team that is fully equipped “to the teeth” armed… It will not add any stability. It all fits into the logic of searching the image of an enemy to then begin to develop additional political space more intensively”.

The use of the Ukrainian conflict

When accepting new members, NATO promised that in these countries did not have substantial military forces, reminded the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.


The expansion of NATO to the East

“Now we can say that this will not be a permanent deployment, and will be matirovannym. Moreover, it can be done, because “Russian aggression”, etc., etc., – said Lavrov. And the same thing happens in the actions and positions of some Western countries. I gave an example of the slogan that was put forward in relation to our neighbors – “either with us, with Europe, the West, or against us”. It was said in the forehead publicly, including in the period of the first Ukrainian crisis in 2003-2004. And recently joined and bureaucracy of the EU when the Association Agreement was developed with Ukraine, which entered into contradiction with Ukraine’s commitments to the free trade area (FTA) within the CIS”.

“And our explanation of the then President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, has led to the fact that they decided to take a break and think about how to achieve conjugation of the already existing before the CIS obligations and liabilities that they planned to undertake in relation with the EU, – said Lavrov. – This was the formal cause, the trigger of the protests on the Maidan, absolutely illegitimate, a violation of all norms of law provide”.

“Come now also with Moldova, and is also trying to do with Armenia, – said the Minister. But I am convinced that there is no need to do such opposition: “or”- “or”. “Our proposal, which we made about a year ago for consideration of the Ukrainian side and the European Commission, contains very practical and implementable ideas on how moving toward a free trade area with the EU at the same time not to violate its commitments under the FTA with the CIS”, – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

“Dangerous trend”

Implementation “in iron” NATO’s military plans is a dangerous tendency, it degrades security in the region, said on 9 October, Russia’s permanent representative to NATO Alexander Grushko.

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“This is an extremely dangerous development, deteriorating security in the region and for the NATO countries, he said. We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of NATO exercises along our borders”.

At the same time, the diplomat stressed that Russia does not want new cold war and arms race in Europe. “We will do everything to avoid changing the balance of power in Europe, – said Grushko. – We don’t want it to lead to a new arms race and confrontation of the new cold war”.

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