Lavrov: no Russian isolation does not feel that the West does not fully support the behavior of Kiev

Lavrov: no Russian isolation does not feel that the West does not fully support the behavior of Kiev

MOSCOW, November 19. The West is beginning to understand that Kiev does not fulfill the Minsk agreements. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with “Radio Russia”.

“Yes, each of our Western partners – from the Americans, the Germans, the French, and to the smallest countries of Europe – must be present during contacts will ask, and when we perform the Minsk agreement on Ukraine, – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. – About the Crimea, no one asks. And about the Minsk agreement, we reply to them and explain the real situation, what is going on”.

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Lavrov noted that in recent times Western partners “themselves are beginning to lament that, unfortunately, the Kiev authorities fail to carry out what she promised, in signing the Minsk agreement”. “Next comes a list of reasons: because they, the opposition, the radicals, is a very difficult political situation, and at the same time they need to save the economy, and corruption to fight, and the election took place as don’t really like someone”, he added.

“The process of understanding that to fulfill the Minsk agreements should, first of all, Kiev authorities and representatives of Donbass, not Russia, this is manifested in the “channel format”, whatever was said then in Kiev”, – said the Minister.

He stressed that Kiev is constantly in the public comments is trying “to put everything on its head.” “Claims that the West fully supported his behavior, said Lavrov. – Not fully support his behavior, and the time after the coup (in Ukraine) was not a serious Western politicians for nothing: they begin to reassess the whole situation and understand what situation they are in connection with the Ukrainian crisis.”


On 12 February the negotiators of the contact group in Minsk signed the previously agreed with the heads of the participating countries “channel four” document, providing for a ceasefire in the Donbass February 15. The negotiations “Norman Quartet” consisting of the presidents of Russia, Ukraine and France, as well as the German Chancellor continued in Minsk in various formats (in the narrow format with participation of members of delegations) from the evening of 11 February, a total of about 16 hours.