Medvedev does not exclude that head the list of EP in Duma elections

Medvedev does not exclude that head the list of EP in Duma elections

MANILA, November 19. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev does not exclude that will top the list ER on elections in the state Duma, because he cares about the result of the game.

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Medvedev: “United Russia” on elections in 2016 will be up against hard competition

“As for my participation in the elections, but of course I absolutely do not exclude that it will happen, just because I am the Chairman of the party and, of course, for me care how the party will act on elections to the State Duma”, – he told journalists at a press conference, answering the question, whether he will head the party list of the UR.

Speaking about the party’s prospects, he said that he did not want to discuss it. According to him, in 2011, the party “United Russia” was “not bad”. He noted that it is possible to form a majority in the Duma and to carry out decisions that the members of “United Russia” consider it necessary for the country.

“There are chances to perform better? Well, I guess it is, if you can explain to people why they need to vote for “United Russia”, why should you support the party that is in power, – said Medvedev. If we can do it, you will get a good result.”

The Russian Prime Minister said that his relationship with the party was systematic, “meeting with party members occur on a weekly, daily basis.” “We meet, discuss a variety of issues, meet me in the office, so to speak, and in government, and in other places, meet at the site of the State Duma, meet at the party venue. It is always a keen discussion, quite intense, energetic,” he added, stressing that sometimes there are discussions. According to him, you may have to adjust the position of certain agencies, because of the concern of the party are not unfounded.

Elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation will be held on 18 September 2016 according to the mixed scheme: 225 deputies will be elected in single-mandate constituencies, and 225 deputies – lists.