Medvedev: Russia may consider closing the air communication with other countries

Medvedev: Russia may consider closing the air communication with other countries

MANILA, November 19. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has not excluded that it is necessary to consider the cancellation of flights from Russia and others, in addition to Egypt, the country, but hopes that this will not happen.

“Until then, don’t have any obvious problems, of course, routes should not be closed”, – said the head of the government of the Russian Federation on a press-conferences following the results of the APEC summit.

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Moscow calls on all States to help in the search for the criminals who had organized the attack with A321

He reminded that for safety reasons only closed the air service of the Russian Federation with Egypt. “I cannot exclude that in some situation we will be forced to consider such questions in relation to other areas and other countries, but until it does, and it is hoped that this will not happen”, – said Medvedev.

Medvedev also noted that Russian authorities can not forbid the Russians to visit any country, can only be given to relevant recommendations, but now they are not. He recalled the existence of a global practice of issuing recommendations to the authorities not to travel to certain countries in case of existence of grounds for it. “After that, if a citizen of a country visits a state where it is not recommended to drive, it’s his own risk. Because to deny, of course, we can’t do anything”, – said Medvedev.

The Prime Minister drew attention to the fact that “currently such decisions (recommendations – approx.) no, except, indeed, the decision, which relates to the Arab Republic of Egypt, specifically in regard to air transportation”.

As suspended air communication with Egypt

On November 6, President Vladimir Putin agreed with the recommendations of the National anti-terrorism Committee to suspend air traffic with Egypt. As explained by the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, this measure was not introduced until the end of investigation of accident of the plane “Kogalymavia”, until then, until will not be provided the proper level of security. On similar measures earlier went by a number of European countries, including great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands.

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Global standards for aviation security at airports

Disaster A321 over the Sinai Peninsula, occurred on 31 October 2015, has become one of the largest in the history of world aviation. The A321 aircraft carried out a Charter flight from Sharm-El-Sheikh to St Petersburg. 23 minutes after departure the crew had lost radio communications and the aircraft disappeared from radar. Search teams found the wreckage of the plane near the town of Nekhel. All aboard 224 people, including 25 children, were killed.

On 17 November, the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the plane crash was the result of a terrorist attack. According to him, the wreckage of things and traces of explosives foreign production.

The Russians leave Egypt

Since the suspension of operations has left Egypt more than 88,5 thousand Russian tourists, said the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov, Vice-head of the operational headquarters for the suspension of air links with Egypt.

“The return of citizens is carried out in a planned manner… transit flights the Passenger traffic is reduced. Over the past day in Russia has returned more than 1.3 thousand people. As of 06:00 GMT on 19 November, the Egyptian left 88 thousand 554 406 Russian transit flights”, – said the head of the Ministry of emergency situations.

In his estimation, to November 23, the main stream of organized groups of tourists will dry up. “But in Egypt, there is still the so-called unorganized tourists, who will return to Russia”, – said the Minister.