Medvedev took part in the meetings of the APEC summit for the development of economic integration

MANILA, November 19. Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev took part in two plenary sessions of the summit of the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation (APEC), which took place behind closed doors.

The first meeting was devoted to the deepening of economic integration for inclusive growth, where the report was made by the representative of the International monetary Fund, and then the heads of state and government participating in the summit and exchanged views.

Second plenary session of the summit touched upon the issues of “inclusive growth through the development of balanced and sustainable communities”. Then the leaders continued the discussion of topical issues during a working lunch.

The receiving party entertains guests with traditional Filipino dishes. In particular, in the lunch menu leaders at the APEC forum includes “beef “a La Batangueno” – braised beef ribs with turmeric and Bay leaves, stew vegetables to the Northern Islands of the Philippines with red rice steamed in woven coconut leaves.”