“Motherland” offered the small parties to unite in the struggle for the Duma mandates

“Motherland” offered the small parties to unite in the struggle for the Duma mandates

MOSCOW, November 19. The party “Rodina” intends to create together with other small parties, “political laboratory” for working out the mechanisms of the passage to the state Duma. It is not excluded that the coalition will be joined by parliamentary parties.

Political laboratory

Today in Moscow “homeland” holds the first meeting of the “club rivals”, on which there are representatives of different non-parliamentary parties. The meeting was attended by representatives of the business Party, “Communists of Russia” Party of peace and unity, the Right cause, “the Alliance of greens and social Democrats” and other factions.

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“We wish the Playground was a kind of political laboratory”, – said the leader of “Rodina” Alexey Zhuravlev.

According to him, the small parties together can work out the mechanisms that will lead them to victory at the municipal, regional and Duma elections. “It seems to me that if we do not have the law blocked between the parties, we have the ability to find common ground and, in any case, not to create with each other competition in the field, or to identify the strongest candidate, which can support,” explained Zhuravlev’s idea of the “club rivals”.

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He added that “does not exclude the possibility that the parliamentary parties will participate in this work.” So, at the meeting were invited representatives of the Duma parties, but only came first Deputy head of the LDPR faction Alexei Didenko.

The liberal democratic party supports the idea

Alexei Didenko said that the ideology of “homeland” close to the liberal democratic party. “It’s a Patriotic party, this is the liberal democratic party. We are always very fair fight with the party “Rodina” face in the regions, we have never had contradictions, complaints, slanders”, he said.

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Non-parliamentary parties are willing to “play by the rules” of the old laws on elections to the state Duma

Didenko said that in addition to the Duma elections on 18 September 2016 elections legislatures in 38 regions and elections will be held for senior officials. According to preliminary data, the voting for candidates for heads of regions should pass in five subjects, however, in his opinion, the number of gubernatorial campaigns will increase at the expense of early elections.

“At small parties there is an opportunity to improve your score due to the active actions of the candidates representing party on elections of the Governor. If he is the leader of the list and simultaneously be a candidate for Governor,” said Didenko. One of the obvious advantages of the participation of small parties in the Governor’s race, according to liberal Democrat, is access to free television and radio air time to campaign.

The small parties need to understand their target electorate

The political scientist, the head of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Michael Vinogradov considers that the consolidation of smaller parties into the “club rivals” can be effective. “While I have no great enthusiasm”, he said at the meeting.

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According to him, the search of common interests “is replaced by the joint psychotherapy of how we together stomps power”. The participants do not talk about the problems of their electoral parties, electoral technologies. “I’m afraid still out of the club until there is a sense of teleseriali, while another turns the public chamber,” – said Vinogradov.

Political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko said that the small parties lacking a specific understanding of your target electorate. “I have not heard, and who is actually an elite base of this alternative project? Small and medium business it dies today, its volume is small. People are just self-employed – Yes, it’s niche, but it is necessary to understand, how it to sell,” he said.


Elections to the state Duma of the 6th convocation were held on 4 December 2011. According to their results, United Russia received 238 mandates, the Communist party – 92, “Fair Russia” – 64 and LDPR – 56.

Elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation will be held in 2016 at the same time with a single day of voting – September 18. For the first time in elections for the lower house of Parliament will be held according to the mixed scheme – 225 deputies elected in single-mandate constituencies, even 225 – on party lists.