Naryshkin: the parliamentarians have to analyze the legal framework to strengthen the protection of citizens

MOSCOW, November 20. Russian lawmakers should analyze the legal framework to enhance the protection of civilians and vital facilities. This was stated by state Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin, speaking at the meeting of the two chambers of the Parliament dedicated to the fight against terrorism.

“I believe that the legislators of the country should re-examine legal frameworks of national security, and to do everything to strengthen the protection of our citizens and vital facilities” – said Naryshkin. He encouraged to critically evaluate the effectiveness of preventive counter-terrorism measures. “And of course, the Parliament will support President, called to give a decisive and harsh response to the bandits,” he added.

The speaker stressed that parliamentarians will act in strict accordance with the Constitution and will not allow any xenophobia and self-isolation of Russia, “which would be, as was said, only a sign of weakness”. “This gift from us, no one will get, while someone is waiting,” – said Naryshkin.

The speaker again expressed condolences to the families and friends of the deceased passengers of the plane in the skies over Sinai. “Terrorist crimes have no Statute of limitations, and the retribution for these acts inevitably. An example of this is the fate that has befallen many leaders of the terrorist gangs”, – said Naryshkin. He indicated that the militants were and will remain in the memory of the people are not freedom fighters and rebels, what they would look like. “Similarly, the treachery and baseness of the henchmen of fascism no one ever will be able to provide examples of valor and heroism,” – said Naryshkin. The speaker urged his colleagues to unite and support the families affected by terrorist attacks “morally and financially to help them survive the disaster, not to leave her alone”.