Russia are thinking about the simplification of participation in public procurement for companies LAS

Moscow. November 19. Russia may simplify the participation in the procedure of public procurement for companies from the Eurasian economic Union, recognizing the guarantee of the banks in these countries. Now this possibility is studied in the Russian government, said an informed source.

According to him, that the question of facilitating access to the Russian market of purchases for the countries of the Association being assessed by the agencies and the Bank of Russia, Eurasian economic Commission this week notified the Ministry of economic development.

To solve the problem of recognition of the Bank guarantee for participation in procurement, in particular, requests the Minsk. Now banks of Belarus and other countries of the EEU to enter in the appropriate register of credit institutions provided for in the legislation of the Russian Federation on procurement, I can’t. To obtain a Bank guarantee in Russia for foreign companies is not prohibited, however, this requires counter-guarantee. This entails additional costs for contractors and performers, said the Belarusian side.

Russia therefore proposed that relevant agencies of the States of the EAEU together to develop unified requirements for banks of countries that can provide guarantees of government contracts, and to integrate them into a single information system, and further elaborated in the Treaty, the issue of classification of Bank guarantees to the provisions concerning the regulation of financial markets. After this can be considered the use of guarantees of banks from the countries of the EEU, said the Ministry of economic development.