The head of the transport Ministry called reasonable entry fee trucks

The head of the transport Ministry called reasonable entry fee trucks

Moscow. November 19. The Minister of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov considers the introduction of fees for heavy trucks is an appropriate measure of compensatory damage to the road infrastructure such machines.

“Whoever harms way, he needs to compensate for it,” said the Minister, responding to a request of journalists to comment on the protest, which the drivers carried out throughout the country in connection with the introduction of such fees.

Sokolov cited the example of Belarus, where Federal highways are paid for heavy vehicles. He repeated the plan of the government: it is assumed that the collected funds will be accumulated in the Federal and regional road funds will be spent on the development of grid roads and engineers who will ensure trouble-free operation.

“Shippers and drivers of heavy vehicles actually transported free of charge these goods according to a linear infrastructure in Russia, although all other linear infrastructure, including rail, we paid. Therefore, should implement the principle of “user pays”, – said the Minister.

Meanwhile, representatives of the retail sector has been warned previously that the introduction of charging from the truck will result, most likely, higher prices, including for essential goods, and the consequent acceleration of inflation. In addition, market participants expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the developers of “Plato” almost not conducted testing of the system.

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