The history of Windows: 30 years from the start of sales

The history of Windows: 30 years from the start of sales

TASS KIT. 30 years ago, on 20 November 1985, Microsoft began selling the first version of its Windows operating system.

Microsoft was founded in 1975 by bill gates and Paul Allen. Since the late 1970s she was involved in the development of operating systems (OS) for personal computers. One of the first OS was MS-DOS, the management of which was carried out using the command line.


November 10, 1983 Microsoft unveiled the first OS with a graphical shell called Windows (eng. “Windows”). Its sale commenced on 20 November 1985 In this operating system, which actually was an add-on to MS-DOS, was part of the main app: calculator, Notepad, Paint , word processor, Write, watch, games, etc.

The system allows you to perform multiple tasks at the same time, however, the window on the screen can overlap each other, stretching in a grid. The OS was very popular due to the high hardware requirements and the need to buy a computer mouse, which at the time was not yet widespread.

The initial price per copy of the Windows operating system in the U.S. market accounted for $100, it sold 500 thousand copies. Windows became a competitor to the other operating system with a graphical interface developed by Apple for computers Lisa (released in 1983).


December 9, 1987 was submitted to Windows 2 (subsequently released its modifications). It featured a reworked interface, including the ability to overlay Windows programs. Original price – $100 sold 1 million copies.


On may 22, 1990 Windows 3 was released. Unlike previous versions that supported only 16 colors, it allows you to run the program with 256 colors, had a number of further improvements. In 1992, a version of Windows 3.1 with support for network applications (including TCP/IP, for Internet access) and the Russian language. Original price OS – $149,95. Windows 3.x was the first commercially successful OS Microsoft has sold over 25 million copies.


July 27, 1993 we had Windows NT, which was targeted at the server market (computers, providing computer network) and workstations (desktop computers) and was not an add-on to MS-DOS. It was developed separately from the usual Windows user, is the basis of all modern versions of Windows.


On August 24 1995 released Windows 95 for personal computers, added the button (Start) has supported a full 16-bit palette (over 65 thousand colors) formed and the location of interface elements, which remained virtually unchanged until the advent of Windows 8.

Windows 95 helped Microsoft and IBM-PC-compatible computers to occupy a dominant position in the market, ahead of Apple. For the first year it sold 40 million copies of Windows 95 at a price of $210 ($110 in the case of the “upgrade” from Windows 3.1).


June 25, 1998 Windows 98 released. Was the development of Windows 95 had better support for USB devices and high-capacity disks, and built-in apps for Internet use, including Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. For the first four days were sold 530 thousand copies at the price of $110 (an”upgrade” from a previous version) to $210.


17 February 2000 on sale Windows 2000, developed on the basis of the version of NT. Was designed for use not only on servers, but advanced users. Supported a number of new features, including the installation of language packs, support for disks larger than 256 GB, encryption, etc. For the first month sold 1 million copies. Continue to be issued the server version of the operating system.


June 19, 2000 released the latest version of the OS on Windows 9x – Millenium Edition. It was designed for home use, came with software for viewing, edit video, had a number of other improvements. Various media and experts have repeatedly criticized for its low reliability. For the first three days it sold 200 thousand copies at the price of $of 59.95.


August 15, 2001, began selling Windows XP, which became one of the most popular OS in history. Despite the cessation of technical support and vulnerability to viruses, according to the Analytics site NetMarketshare, it’s still installed on the 11,68% of personal computers worldwide. Original price – $85 . As of 2015 sold over 1 billion copies.


November 30, 2006 there was a Windows Vista. Among the main improvements were the best virus protection and the Aero graphical interface. This OS has been criticized for slow performance, constant demands password and too complex a protection system against software piracy. A month after the start of sales sold 20 million copies (at the price from $199 to 399 depending on the version).


22 October 2009 on sale Windows 7 has fixed the shortcomings of Vista, and improved user interface. Original price $159,99 to 319,99. Two years were sold more than 450 million copies. According to the Analytics site NetMarketshare, by November 2014 was set at 55,71% of all personal computers in the world.

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October 26, 2012 Microsoft released Windows 8 OS. It was decided to abandon the “start” button and completely redo the UI, replacing it with the medium “Metro” with elements in the form of “tiles” on the start screen.

Version criticized due to the fact that she was more suited to use on tablets than on desktop and laptop computers. Of this defect was fixed in the Windows 8.1 update. In the first 6 months has sold over 100 million copies. Original price ranged from $14,55 (when you “upgrade” Windows 7 with license) up to $199.99, ending. As of June 2015 it has been used by 10.68% of personal computers.


July 29, 2015 went on sale a new version of Windows 10. It has become common for all platforms – from servers to mobile phones. Among the changes is the return button and the “start” menu in the version for personal computers. Users of most computers with Windows 7 and Windows 8 got a free “upgrade” to a new version, a new copy of the OS cost from $119 to 199. For the first 2.5 months of the new system was installed on over 110 million computers, the market share of operating systems by November 2015 amounted to 7,94%


According to NetMarketshare, Windows is 90,42% of the total OS market for personal computers in the world. The market share of servers is around 30% data English computer company NetCraft.