The transport Ministry proposes to exempt drivers of heavy vehicles from penalties for nonpayment of travel

MOSCOW, November 17. The transport Ministry together with Parliament, Gosdumy worked for the amendment, exempts drivers of vehicles, having the resolved maximum weight over 12 tons, from fines for non-payment of fare. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation.

In addition, the deputies proposed to reduce to 50 thousand rubles the amount of the fine for such violations to owners of heavy trucks, and for repeated violation to install them on 100 thousand roubles. Before the adoption of the amendments, the fines from drivers of Russian vehicles for such violations will not be levied, it is noted in the message Department.

Road tax on truck

From November 15 in Russia introduced a new road tax: trucks with a permissible maximum weight exceeding 12 t will pay 1.53 per mile of way on Federal highways. This reduced fee, which is achieved by using a decreasing ratio of 0.41 to the previously adopted rate of 3,73 rubles for 1 km It will be valid until 29 February 2016. From 1 March 2016 until 31 December 2018 – tariff with a reduction factor of 0.82 – 3.06 rubles per 1 km. From January 1, 2019 the fee will be for heavy vehicles full – 3,73 rubles for 1 km in addition to the payment rate on the truck will need to install the onboard equipment.