“Transneft” oil transportation will update the site in Samara

Moscow. November 20. AK “Transneft” plans until 2024 to update 89 oil transportation facilities at its site in Samara, writes a corporate magazine of the company, “Pipeline oil transportation” (TTN).

In particular, already this year on a site area of 216 hectares, the company will update on station in the oil mixture, where the threads are formed, diverging to the South, in Novorossiysk, to the West, in the countries of Eastern Europe and the Novokuibyshevsk oil refinery.

Previously a mixture of oil occurred in the piping at the outlet of the pump units under operator control, which was manually applied to the collector of raw material and one of another variety. 2015 begins implementation of the technology node automated compounding.

Total station is planned to build three node compounding. First, which “Transneft” has put into operation in October, swaps high-sulphur raw materials crude flow in the pipeline Kuibyshev-Tikhoretsk. As a result, the level of sulfur will increase from the current 0.47% to 0.6%. The second and third nodes will be built in 2017. One of them will be relieved of the superfluous sulphur export flows by pipeline “Druzhba” and Kuibyshev-Lisichansk, reducing its maximum level from 1.7% to 1.5%. Another will work on the absorption of sulfur, increasing its content in the transported on Novokuibyshevsk oil refinery raw material with a current of 1.35% to 1.7%.