Volkswagen was allowed to later transfer the EC CO2 emissions

Moscow. November 19. German auto giant Volkswagen AG must provide the European Commission with full information about carbon dioxide emissions in its cars by the end of this year, reports MarketWatch with reference to the statement by the EU Commissioner for climate and energy Miguel arias Cañete.

Earlier the European Commission required such information by Friday, November 20, but the VW management said it was impossible to collect data in such a short time.

“Matthias müller (Chapter VW – CA. If) informed me in a letter that it is a very difficult task from a technical point of view, and that they are willing to do it, but they will need more time,” said the Commissioner.

An internal investigation conducted by the VW in early November, revealed mislabelling in the level of carbon dioxide emissions by about 800 thousand cars sold in Europe. Addressing this issue may cost the company 2 billion euros.

VW previously pleaded guilty to manipulating the indicators of release of nitric oxide in 11 million cars worldwide. The management estimated costs for the elimination of violations of 6.7 billion euros, but many analysts believe that the total amount of damage to the company in connection with the scandal will exceed 20 billion euros.