Business Ombudsman was advocated on the year the test mode for “Plato

Business Ombudsman was advocated on the year the test mode for “Plato

MOSCOW, November 20. The first days of functioning of system of toll collection 12-ton trucks “Plato” showed her unwillingness to work. So says the Commissioner for protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov, writes “Kommersant”.

In a letter to Vladimir Putin, he noted that the special side security devices is not more than 11-12%, and an alternative method of fare payment in the absence of the counter – the online portal – operates with significant disruptions and errors.

According to Boris Titov, this situation and the high risks of significant fines lead to the threat of disruption of supplies, including food, and to reduce the freight market. As stated in the letter, the big food producers evaluate daily capacity of 10-11%, and the deficit in the freight market is 20% and, according to the retailers, reducing the supply in the freight market for the transportation involved amounted to 30-40%.

Mr. Titov believes that during the month of deliveries of products will be relevant for small and medium-sized networks the reduction in inventory. In addition, according to him, participants of the market recorded an increase in the tariffs for transportation by 18-23% for food producers and 6-28% for retailers. Thus, taking into account scheduled in March, growth of the tariff for travel (1,53 rbl. for 1 km today up to 3.06 rubles. from 1 March 2016) the new levy may result in an increase in the inflation rate of 2.7%.

As a result Boris Titov suggested to the President a year to enter a test mode of operation “Plato”. During this period, according to the Ombudsman, must be subject zero the amount of the fee and excluded administrative responsibility for non-payment of fare. During the year, Mr. Titov expects, all transport companies will be provided with necessary equipment, all devices will be connected to the system will debug its smooth functioning and work of the official website of “Plato”.

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The bill on a three-year moratorium on road charges for heavy trucks introduced in the state Duma

With the proposal to transfer the work “Plato” in test mode last week already was the member of “United Russia” and the head of the Duma Committee on transport Evgeny Moskvichev. His colleagues from “Fair Russia” have gone further and introduced a bill for a three-year moratorium on the introduction of fees.

The initiative for the translation of “Plato” in test mode support of the Association of retail companies (ACORT) and the Union of independent networks (SNA).

In turn, the operator “Plato”, the company “RT-invest the Transport system” I assure you that today the system is registered with all major logistics companies with a fleet of 50 cars – just about 600 thousand vehicles.

Also, underline in the company, all of its own fleet of grocery retailers and their partners is provided on-Board devices in the quantities requested. While at the website register on-line the owners of about 300 thousand vehicles, i.e. half of the total number, specify in the “RT-invest the Transport system”, arguing that the system is operating normally and no mass failures.