Consumers will be able online to inform the tax authorities about inaccurate reporting

Moscow. November 20. Russian citizens can get the opportunity to complain to the tax authorities if the enterprise providing the service or sold the goods, false reflected in the transaction statements. Such an idea at a meeting with the head of the Federal tax service Mikhail Mishustin announced President Vladimir Putin.

“And finally, the next opportunity that opens and before the tax authorities, a law-abiding business and citizens before, is that citizens, all consumers of our country, all citizens should be able to check what goods and services they received in one or another trade organization,” Putin said, discussing with the head of the Federal tax service of the mass transition to innovative cash registers that are online convey information about their turnover to the tax office.

“You mean that getting the check after the purchase or after you purchase the services, the citizen could freely via your phone, gadget to log on to the Internet and inquiries to the IRS about what kind of statements are presented that the outlet which sold the goods to him, to the IRS. This will enable if to speak a simple language, the man, after he had lunch in a restaurant and paid money for a steak from veal good domestic quality, you should check whether the company has reported, the restaurant or cafĂ© that sold him the product, as they reported in the tax office. Not reported whether they cheap Buffalo meat. The same applies to all other goods”, – said the President.

The consumer can understand, “does the merchant that sold the product or provided the service, or is it just some kind of firm one-day, or not at all registered retail outlet”. “This also concerns large enterprises this applies to small, say, those who sell flowers. And so the citizen could participate in to check out what he sold or what he have in the form of services, to further protect their interests and to assist the government”, – said Putin.

“Mean that we could implement a really broad form of public control. Because if people will see that there are discrepancies between the check which he received on his hands, and the information which the seller has presented to tax inspection, it can tax office just to inform you of a discrepancy with all the ensuing consequences. I think that in the first stage, this work could connect the Russian popular front. But, strictly speaking, it concerns all citizens and all consumers, so I think it can take a fairly wide form of cooperation between government, business and citizens”, – said the head of state.

“Following your idea, the citizen becomes a little tax inspector in this embodiment. But, of course, people will primarily be interested in the quality of the product and what he got. And you can add the ability to send a complaint online, if a person was misled. We are also implementing now in trial operation. Of course, all will think, and I think soon will finish processing of legislative initiatives. We will work with the state Duma deputies, to ensure that this legislation was adopted,” – said Mishustin.