“Gazprom” has decided to order advertising for a new contract with UEFA prior to its renewal

Moscow. November 20. Gazprom has announced a tender for the development of image advertising campaigns in the framework of implementing the sponsorship contract with the UEFA Champions League, follows from company materials.

This year expired on 3-year contract “Gazprom” with UEFA. Earlier in “Gazprom” commented that it is routine to extend the contract for another term. Official statements about the completion of the renewal procedures have not yet been reported.

“Gazprom” plans to pay for the development of advertising campaigns 22.5 million rubles (including VAT).

As part of the contract, valid until 30 June 2018, you need to create an advertising promo video with a running time of 30 seconds in Russian and English languages, create a short version of the video with a running time of 15, 10 and 5 seconds, as well as any other declared by the customer timing, but not more than 100 versions.

The winning bidder must develop and submit for approval to the script for the video, including the storyboard and the animatic (the outline of the video) with the prior (reference) music and voice sound system within 3 days from the date of signing the contract.

You also need to develop layout of key images for print and banner advertising in the Russian and English languages on the example of a format 3 on 6 m, to adapt the layout declared by the customer under formats (max 100).

The video and the layout will be broadcast in Russia, CIS and Europe and other countries in which broadcast football matches organised under the auspices of UEFA.

The products will be distributed through leading Russian and world printed mass media (Newspapers, magazines), outdoor advertising, billboards, popular Russian and international news and sport online resources and social networks.