Karasin: the meeting of presidents of Russia and Georgia is possible, but the conditions are not yet ripe

MOSCOW, November 20. The meeting of leaders of Russia and Georgia is possible, but the conditions are not yet ripe. This was stated by state Secretary, Deputy foreign Minister Grigory Karasin after meeting in Prague with the special representative of the Prime Minister of Georgia for relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze.

“Contacts at the highest level remain on the table, – said the Deputy Minister. – But they are very problematic, because such contacts involve the absence of hostile rhetoric from two sides, first of all, in our address, that occasionally allow themselves the representatives of the Georgian leadership, including the Minister of defense, Minister of foreign Affairs”.

“We have closely watched – said Karasin. – The summit must be accompanied by a healthy atmosphere, the desire to achieve any concrete results that benefit both sides. Above it could use some work”.

Karasin did not rule out a meeting between the foreign Ministers of Russia and Georgia. “They talked about the upcoming OSCE Ministerial Council in early December in Belgrade, where they will attend the foreign Ministers of both countries, but there are no concrete plans at the meeting we do not, but some kind of short meeting is possible,” the Deputy Minister said.

“Now it is difficult to program in advance, but in any case, the possibility of such a meeting was mentioned during our conversation in Prague,” added Karasin.

The state Secretary also added that the countries discussed cooperation in the fight against terrorism. “Yes, these issues have been raised, however, in General terms, without specifics,” – said Karasin.