Kudrin said that now will not deal with the creation of a new party

Kudrin said that now will not deal with the creation of a new party

The head of Committee of civil initiatives Alexei Kudrin said that he welcomes those involved in the party movements and are in the party, because without the competition of parties in a modern state cannot live.

MOSCOW, 21 Nov. The head of Committee of civil initiatives (CGI), former Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin said that now is not involved in political projects and works on development of civil society.

On Saturday in Moscow has begun work the third all-Russian civil forum, held annually by the OIG.

“Today I do not participate in any partisan projects, but I applaud those who go and create and participate in party movements and are in the party. Because without the formation of party platforms, without competition, without elections on party preferences, the modern state cannot live. At us it is still in a very embryonic state, including, due to the position of power. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to do,” said Kudrin, answering questions during the plenary discussion of the forum.

According to him, political life now is limited, which significantly reduces the possibility of representation of certain forces in the Parliament, however, new parties difficult, but the “break”.

“There are people who are willing to go and work in the political sphere, to create the party, they still are, difficult, carve my own path. Today, for example, I’m not willing to create (party — ed.), I’ve said that I’m working on the development of civil society — I think it’s base and prospective basis, including the restructuring of the platforms, positions that ultimately submitted by the parties”, — added ex-the Minister of Finance.

Later, answering questions of journalists, Kudrin added that, despite the complexity of the transmission of forces in the new Parliament, the most active parties in the future, will shape coalitions that will ultimately give the result.

“One of those parties that today are trying, trying, whether this election or the following — created new coalitions, can small. Then the coalition will merge with the coalition — it is an evolutionary process. I believe that he will give the result, not quickly,” — said the head of the OIG.