Lukashenko on 26 November, will visit the Russian Federation with a visit to meet with Putin

MOSCOW, November 20. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on 26 November, will visit the Russian Federation with a visit to meet with Putin. This was announced by the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov.

“November 26 will be the negotiations of our President with the leader of Belarus. Lukashenko is in Russia on first after his re-election as head of state of foreign official visit”, – said Ushakov. He stressed that “it was specially so agreed” to the newly re-elected President of Belarus first visit to our country.

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At the meeting of the presidents of Russia and Belarus will discuss the issue of creating a Russian aviation base. “It is expected that will continue the discussion on the establishment of a Russian airbase in Belarus. On this topic there have been several rounds of negotiations, but, obviously, this topic is still not closed and would be discussed at the highest level between presidents of the two countries”, – said the representative of the Kremlin. In addition, the meeting will discuss the construction of NPP in Belarus and other issues.

In September, the Russian leader instructed the Ministry of defence with participation of the foreign Ministry to hold negotiations with the Belarusian side and up to sign the draft agreement between Russia and Belarus about creation on the territory of the Republic of the Russian aviation base. As previously noted in the government of the Russian Federation, the agreement would have to contribute to the organization of joint protection of the borders of the Union state in air space and creation of a Single regional air defense system of Russia and Belarus.

The trade turnover between Russia and Belarus in January-September 2015 fell in annual terms in dollars by 27.5%, to $20.5 billion, in rubles grew by 20.5%, said Yuri Ushakov. According to him, during the meeting in Moscow President of Russia Vladimir Putin with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko one of the main themes of the discussion Chapter of the two countries will be cooperation between Russia and Belarus in the economic sphere. Assistant to the President added that in the current year due to sharp fluctuations in the currency markets continues to decline in trade and economic sphere of Russia and Belarus. Ushakov also noted the good level of cooperation between the two countries in the investment sphere. “The volume of Russian investments in Belarus reached $63 billion,” he concluded.