Rosstat: the supply of palm oil in the Russian Federation for 9 months increased by 31.7%

MOSCOW, November 20. The supply of palm oil to Russia for the first 9 months of 2015 increased by 31.7% in comparison with January-September 2014 to 614 thousand tons. this is stated in the materials of Rosstat. Including in September palm oil imports amounted to 84.7 thousand tones, which is 49.7% more than in September 2014.

Previously the Ministry of agriculture has repeatedly expressed concern about the increase in the supply of palm oil in the Russian Federation. As reported in September of 2015, the Ministry has developed a draft of amendments to the technical regulations of the Customs Union on safety of milk and dairy products. The Agency proposes to introduce mandatory labelling of products containing palm oil in the territory of the Customs Union of the Eurasian economic Union. On the label or on the front side of the package must be labeled “this Product contains palm oil”, according to the Ministry of agriculture. The information about the content of palm oil in the product should occupy not less than 30% of the total area of the label.

In October, President Vladimir Putin instructed the government before 1 December 2015, to consider the possibility of marking of such products.