Yahoo test the system deny access to users with ad blocking

Moscow. November 20. Yahoo is testing the system to fight with those who installs apps and extensions to block ads (adblocks): these users will not be able to access your Yahoo email, if not will disable the lock, writes the Financial Times.

That Yahoo is trying to expand sales opportunities and increase advertising revenues. Currently the system is being tested in a small sample in the USA.

Estimated PageFair and Adobe, currently over 200 million people worldwide, twice as many as just two years ago – use software that allows you to get rid of annoying online advertising. Assessment of damage from such practices for the industry differ: the same PageFair and Adobe believes that only in 2015, Internet companies will lose $22 billion, UBS calls the amount of $1 billion.

Meanwhile, in digital media there is an arms race. European broadcasting company RTL, having lost the court in the Netherlands on the case of ad blocking, provides those who use such software, access to live streaming television exclusively in black and white.

The German newspaper Bild, the best-selling in Europe, deprives such users access your site unless they pay a subscription fee of 2.99 euros per month. According to surveys, many people agree to watch ads.

The British business newspaper CityAM in the test mode applies the distorted display pages to users of Firefox trying to avoid viewing advertisements.

The Guardian and the Washington Post politely asking readers to disable ad blocker or subscribe.