Fiat “Soviet-style”: 55 years since the birth of the serial “Zaporozhets”

TASS KIT. November 22, 1960 came off the Assembly line the first production batch of new vehicles, dubbed the ZAZ-965 “Zaporozhets”. The car was modelled on the Italian Fiat-600 with a repetition of its General layout.

The base model with an engine capacity of 23 horsepower was produced until 1963 With 1962, it began replacing the modification ZAZ-A with a more powerful engine in 27, then 30 horsepower.

There was also a modification for disabled, for the carriage of mail and the export version E/AE, which was delivered in small lots abroad under the name of Yalta (“Yalta”).

In all there were 322 166 thousand cars of all modifications. In 1969 ZAZ-A on the conveyor belt changed the next model of “Zaporozhets” ZAZ-966, designed in the design Bureau ZAZ.

ZAZ-965 is a two-door four-seater sedan with rear-engined rear-wheel drive layout. The cars were equipped with petrol carbureted V-neck four-cylinder air-cooled engine.

Unlike motor Fiat-600, make the engine compact failed (from 746 CC “Zaporozhets” against 633 CC Fiat-600). Therefore, instead of sloping end of the body, like the Italian original, the “Zaporozhets” was needed to make the rear “hump”, which appeared one of the nicknames of the car is Humped.

At the start of serial production of ZAZ-965 its retail price was $ 18 thousand (after currency reform of 1961 – 1 800 thousand rbl.).

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