Kudrin: increase of the pension age is necessary for the indexation of pensions

Kudrin: increase of the pension age is necessary for the indexation of pensions

People often get the impression that increasing the retirement age will become harder for pensioners, although more complicated will be those who are working today, said ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.

MOSCOW, 21 Nov. Raising the retirement age — the first thing to do to find the necessary funds for the indexation of pensions, said the head of Committee of civil initiatives (CGI), former Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin in the third all-Russian civil forum.

“I think this is the first thing that needs to be done today”, — Kudrin said reporters on the forum, answering the question whether he is still of opinion about the necessity of raising the retirement age in Russia.

“Or we pensioners will not have enough funds for indexing. Raising the retirement age — often, it is this view that if it comes to that harder it will become pensioners. Conversely, the harder it will be to those who are working today and need to retire — they will have to work two or three years. But these funds will be saved for pensioners”, — explained ex-the Minister of Finance.

According to him, this trend is inevitable due to the demographic situation — decrease in the number of workers and the increasing number of pensioners.

Earlier at the plenary discussion Kudrin also expressed his opinion about the inadmissibility to reduce the obligations of the state in education and healthcare.

“These articles ought now to retain and strengthen, and I believe that education should receive more funds. Today in the year of all education construction, renovating, purchase of laboratory equipment receives less than training, say, to the world Cup. This should not be”, — said the head of the OIG.