Poroshenko said about the prevention of default in Ukraine

Moscow. November 21. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the country avoided default and stabilized the financial system.

“Have we not avoided the almost inevitable default? Moreover, stabilized the financial system, wrote off part of the external debt, restored and replenished foreign exchange reserves,” the President said in the Saturday address to the Ukrainian people on the occasion of the day of dignity and freedom.

According to him, Ukraine’s GDP for the first time in the last six quarters have shown “even if minimal, but the growth compared with the previous three months”. “And this change long-term trend gives us confidence about the forecasts for recovery in the next year of economic recovery,” he said.

Poroshenko also stressed that, despite the fact that the amendments to the Constitution in terms of decentralization is yet to pass second reading in Parliament, the financial resources of local government have already increased by 40%.