Iran is ready to increase production of energy resources after the deal with the “six”

Iran is ready to increase production of energy resources after the deal with the “six”

TEHRAN, November 23. Iran is ready to increase the amount of produced energy after concluded with the “six” international mediators of the deal on the nuclear issue of Iran. This statement was made on Monday of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the opening of the 3rd summit of the Forum of gas exporting countries (GECF).

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While Rouhani stressed that this will enable Tehran to significantly increase the export of energy resources.

“I invite all States of the GECF to invest in Iran, he said. The government, in turn, will provide everything you need to create comfortable conditions for investors in the energy sector”, – quotes the TV channel “al-Mayadin” the words of Rouhani.

As noted by the President of Iran, the gas market needs a stable and safe development. “The current summit of the Forum of gas exporting countries, uniting the largest players in this market, takes place in conditions when the role of gas compared with other energy sources increases from year to year”, – said the Iranian President.

In addition, the role of gas is increasing due to global climate change, caused in particular by emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Gas is the most clean source of energy. Becomes more and more urgent and the issue of expanding the share of renewable energy sources, Rouhani stressed.

“The steady growth in gas consumption shows that it turns into this kind of fuel, without which it cannot technologically do no state”, – stated the head of the Executive authorities of Iran.

“Every country that is represented at the forum, has its interests in the extraction and sale of natural gas. But we believe that in the framework of the GECF interests of each country can be respected without any prejudice to others.”

Iran will increase gas exports

Rouhani also noted that Iran intends in the coming years to increase production and export of gas.

“Iran in the coming years will be to increase gas production. Its domestic consumption and exports will grow at the expense of reducing the share of oil in total is used and exported energy carriers”, – said the head of the Executive authorities of Iran.

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For many years the possibility of Iran building capacity and implementing new technologies in gas industry were limited to the sanctions applicable to the Islamic Republic, Rouhani stressed. With the lifting of sanctions and the beginning of the implementation of the nuclear agreement signed in July in Vienna, Tehran and the “six” (five permanent members of the UN security Council and Germany), Iran open new perspectives in the development of gas fields and produce liquefied natural gas, said the head of the Iranian Cabinet.

According to the Iranian Ministry of oil, gas reserves in Iran are estimated at 33 trillion cubic meters, making it the largest player in the global gas market. Currently Iran produces 173 billion cubic meters of gas per year and intends to double production by 2020 to 1.3 billion cubic meters per day.