Pfizer confirmed largest on farmrynke deal with Allergan American

MOSCOW, November 23. Pharmaceutical company Pfizer has confirmed the deal with Allergan American. This was reported Monday on the website of Pfizer.

Earlier in mass media there passed the information that Pfizer intends to acquire Allergan at a price of $380 per share. Thus, the total amount will be about $150 billion, and this deal will be the largest in the history of the pharmaceutical industry.

Pfizer, with headquarters in new York is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. It produces, including such well-known drugs like “Lipitor” (atorvastatin, used to lower cholesterol in the blood), Viagra and painkillers “celebrex”.

Allergan’s market capitalization is estimated at $112,5 billion, Pfizer is at $216 billion.