The volume of trade between China and Maritime province by 2025 could reach 170 million tons

VLADIVOSTOK, November 23. The volume of foreign trade between Primorye and Heilongjiang province with the use of the transport corridor “Primorye-1” by 2025 will make about 80 million tons of cargo a year, including grain, containers, etc. And the volume of foreign trade of Jilin province and domestic traffic, attributable to the port of Zarubino corridor “Primorye-2” in 10 years will reach about 90 million tons per year. This forecast was announced on November 23 at the meeting, which was held in Nakhodka Minister of the Russian Federation for Far East development Alexander Galushka.

According to the Governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky, to achieve these targets, improving logistical links with other regions of Russia and integrating Russian transport and logistics complex in the international. “Today, the development of corridors “Primorye-1 and Primorye-2″ is associated with a foreign trade turnover of our key partners – provinces of Heilongjiang and Jilin, and Inner Mongolia, with opportunities for the development of inland China, the concept of revival of the Great silk road, interest in these corridors from other countries of northeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region”, – said the Governor.

Galushka stressed that Russia and China in December signed an agreement on development of transport corridors connecting North-East China with the ports of the Russian Far East, especially the Primorye.

“Last week I held talks with the leadership of the Committee on reforms of the PRC, during which we have agreed to sign a cooperation agreement between the Ministry and the Committee on reforms of the PRC on development of transport corridors connecting North-East China with the ports of the Russian Far East, especially the Primorye”, – said the Minister.

He added that such an agreement is to be signed in December.

International transport corridors in Primorye

Transport corridor “Primorye-1” will connect the Chinese border town of Suifenhe, the station “Grodekovo”, the Border area of Maritime and ports in the East region. On this corridor the freight from the Chinese province can follow the shortest route to the Asia-Pacific region through the Russian ports in the East of Primorye.

Currently a number of roads this transportation route work has begun on modernization and reconstruction. For these purposes from the regional budget this year is allocated 1,3 billion roubles.

Transport corridor “Primorye-2” will connect the ports of South – West Primorye – Posyet, Zarubino and Slavyanka with Chinese provinces that allows you to quickly deliver cargo from northeastern China to southeastern province of China and in the Asia-Pacific and in the opposite direction. Currently in the implementation of this project has involved the group of companies “Summa” and a number of Chinese companies.

Implementation of projects of transport corridors “Primorye-1 and Primorye-2”, according to experts, will require more than 200 billion rubles of investments.