A contract of Russian Railways electrification railway line in Iran is estimated at €1.2 billion

TEHRAN, November 24. The value of the contract for the electrification of the railway section “Garmsar-Inceburun” entered into between a subsidiary of Russian Railways and Iranian railway company, estimated at €1.2 billion Project will be funded from the state export loan of the government of the Russian Federation the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is spoken in the message of the Russian Railways.

The project involves the electrification of the railway line Garmsar – Inceburun total length of 495 km, including 203 km in mountainous terrain. During the works will also be electrified station 32 and 95 of the tunnels built traction substations 7 and 11 positions of the partition 6 stations of the contact network and the building of power distance.

According to preliminary estimates, the project will take about 3 years.

“Execution of works on electrification of the railway line will significantly increase its capacity and maximum speed of trains on separate sites,” reads the press release.

As previously reported, the contract was signed following Russian-Iranian talks in the presence of the two presidents Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani.