China has doubled the number of startups in four years

Moscow. November 23. In 2014 in China appeared about to 1.61 million new companies, which is almost twice more than in 2010, according to the Agency Bloomberg referring to research of consulting companies of UHY International.

For this period, the number of startups in the UK rose by slightly more than 50%, in India – approximately on 45%, in Australia by 40% in the U.S. – slightly more than 10%. In Japan and Canada, growth was about 5%.

The Chinese government stimulates the creation of new companies, especially in the field of Internet technologies, on the background of a declared transition from an economy oriented to exports and attracting foreign investments, to a model focusing on the growth of domestic consumption and the development of services.

Example for young Chinese entrepreneurs became a 51-year-old founder of Internet giant Alibaba Group Holding, Jack MA, IPO after the company became the richest man in the country.

“For entrepreneurs start – up as a child, I have until five,” said Jack MA at the meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama last week.