Defense Ministry: su-24 Russian air group allegedly shot down in Syria

Defense Ministry: su-24 Russian air group allegedly shot down in Syria

MOSCOW, November 24. The su-24 Russian air group crashed on Syrian territory, presumably it occurred as a result of attack from the ground. It is reported by the defense Ministry.

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The Turkish General staff: the air force knocked violated the airspace of the Republic of the aircraft

As noted in the defense Ministry, the plane was at a height of 6 thousand meters.

The fate of the pilots specified. According to preliminary data, the pilots managed to eject.

“We also elucidate the circumstances of the fall of the Russian plane. The defense Ministry notes that the duration of the flight the aircraft was solely over the territory of Syria. This is recorded by objective means of control,” said the defense Ministry.

Earlier media reported that the fighter jet crashed in Syria, allegedly violated the airspace of Turkey gets shot down Turkish air force.

A source in the defense Ministry of Turkey told Reuters that Turkish pilots allegedly tried several times to get in touch with the pilots of the downed fighter, but received no reply. After that, Turkish F-16 opened fire on defeat.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu holds in connection with the incident urgent meeting with the leadership of the General staff.


The main striking force of the Russian air group in Syria is the upgraded front-line bomber su-24M.

Su-24 (NATO classification – Fencer-D) is a front-line bomber with variable sweep wing, for his long nose earned the nickname “the Swordsman”. Designed for application of air strikes in simple and adverse weather conditions, day and night, including at low altitudes. Chief designer – Eugene Feltner.

The aircraft made its first flight in 1976. The bomber is equipped with specialized computing subsystem SVP-24 “Hephaestus”, accepted in 2008, which extends the capabilities of the aircraft to search and destroy targets. Su-24M capable of flying at low altitudes with terrain following. The bomber can strike both ground and surface targets with the use of a wide range of ammunition, including high-precision weapons, including guided aviation bombs (KAB). The maximum speed of flight – 1250 km/h and the ferry range of 775 km 2 (with two external fuel tanks PTB-3000). The aircraft is equipped with two turbojet engines AL-21F-3A a thrust of 11,200 kgf each.

Armament gun caliber 23 mm, 8 hardpoints can carry missiles class “air – surface” and “air – air”, guided and free fall bombs and unguided air missiles, a removable gun mount. On Board can carry a tactical nuclear bomb.

Currently the su-24 and its modifications are in service with the Russian air force, as well as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. About 120 of the modified units are planned to be replaced with su-34 by 2020.