In Russia begin sales of Lada Vesta

IZHEVSK SAMARA, November 24. /Corr. Eugene Samushkova, Alexei Sokolov/. In Russia on Tuesday will go on sale in the new Russian automotive industry – Lada Vesta.

“The start of sales is scheduled for 20:01 GMT simultaneously in 60 dealerships in 25 cities across the country”, – reported in press center of “AVTOVAZ”.

As recalled in the press center, at this time in Krasnoyarsk, the easternmost point of the start of sales will be November 25 – this day was previously designated for the beginning of sales of new products.

Just in the first day across Russia will go on sale more than a thousand of Lada Vesta. Specific predictions of sales, the company has not yet called, but are confident that the new model will be of great demand. Dealers of Lada has its own statistics of potential buyers. Thus, according to the dealership “IZH-Lada” in Izhevsk on the first day potentially could have been sold about 350 of Lada Vesta.

At dealerships in the framework of the start of sales will be a special event Night Vesta. Offers contests, in particular, they will be asked to guess the price of new items. The number of winners prize will be a certificate for extraordinary purchase of Lada Vesta. Data for specification and prices will be announced on the Night of Vesta in Izhevsk the President of “AVTOVAZ” Bo Andersson.

Together with the start of sales in the dealer center “IZH-Lada” in the evening will also include a presentation of the new corporate style of Lada dealers. “IZH-Lada” became the first dealership, completely renovated according to new corporate identity, and it will become a model for other centers, said the company.

As previously reported, Lada Vesta should become “the most equipped car in its segment already in the basic version”. It is expected that in the minimum configuration in the car are anti-lock braking system (ABS), stability system (ESP), airbag, emergency announcement system “Era-GLONASS”, etc. Time of acceleration to 100 km/h is 11.8 seconds, fuel consumption per 100 km 7.5 liters, maximum speed of 178 km/h.

Serial production of Lada Vesta began at the plant “IzhAvto” on September 25, 2015. The end of the year it is planned to produce 5 thousand vehicles next year – up to 70 thousand. From September 25 to November 11 were produced 1197 cars that is 300 more cars than originally planned. According to preliminary data, the price of the model will be from 495 to 600 thousand rubles. As previously stated Bo Andersson, Lada Vesta should become “the best Russian car of the year 2015”.

“Lada Vesta – the first car created by new design concept Lada, and it can be called the first truly new Russian car in the last decade”, – noted in the press center of “AVTOVAZ”.