Kolokoltsev: it is necessary to stop militants ‘ attempts to get into Russia as refugees

MOSCOW, November 24. Russian law enforcement agencies provide the control and stability of law and order in the conditions of intensification of terrorist groups. This was stated on Tuesday the head of Ministry of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev during the meeting of the joint Board of the ministries of internal Affairs of Russia and Tajikistan.

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“Despite the difficult geopolitical processes, armed conflict near our borders, the intensification of extremist groups and terrorist groups, as well as economic trends, law enforcement agencies take measures to ensure the control and stability of law and order,” – said Kolokoltsev.

As the Minister said, to a large extent this contributes to the effective interaction of departments of the Russian Federation and Tajikistan. “It is the most active in combating extremism and terrorism, drug trafficking, in the field of search for accused and missing persons, forensic support detection and investigation of crimes, as well as training. Constantly information exchange”, – said Kolokoltsev.

According to him, the tragic events in France, not decreasing terrorist activity in the middle East dictate the necessity of consolidated actions in this direction. “First of all, it is all about preventing the recruitment of new fighters to be transported to areas of armed conflict and suppression attempts of their penetration into our country as refugees,” added the Minister.