Let the authorities postponed the auction for the sale of the former sanatorium of the Ukrainian businessman Kolomoisky

Moscow. November 24. Crimean authorities postponed from 27 November to 1 December auction for sale at a starting price of 1.4 billion rubles of the sanatorium “foros”, nationalized Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky, stated in the materials posted on the website torgi.gov.ru.

Applications for participation in auction are accepted till 12:00 Moscow time on November 27.

For auction a set of properties in the town of foros on the southern coast of Crimea. The land area of over 65 hectares on which the resort is located, the sale is not offered.

The auction organizer – the state Autonomous institution “Executive Directorate the property of the Crimea”.

Auction step – 71,1 million.

Auction postponed for the second time. Originally the auction was scheduled for November 16. Then it was moved on 27 November. The reason for the transfer of the trades were then called to change the size of the Deposit (it has grown more than twice – to 124.2 million up to 284,3 million), and correction of typographical errors in documents.

The resort was previously owned by the Ukrainian oligarch I. Kolomoisky. Due to the fact that the Ukrainian “PrivatBank, controlled by Kolomoisky and his partner Gennady Bogolyubov, stopped servicing clients in the Crimea after joining the Peninsula to Russia, sanatorium, among other assets Kolomoysky was nationalized. The corresponding decision of the state Council of Crimea adopted in the fall of 2014.

Money raised from the sale of property Kolomoisky, will be used to compensate residents of Crimea who had deposits in “PrivatBank” and other Ukrainian banks that are not reimbursed by the Agency for Deposit insurance.