Not all countries of the EAEC supported the idea to limit duty-free online trading

Moscow. November 24. The proposals of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) on the limitation of duty-free Internet trade while not appreciated by the representatives of member countries of the EAEC, this issue will be discussed, but while some countries consider them unacceptable, told journalists the first Deputy Minister of economic development Alexey Likhachev on Tuesday in Phnom Penh, where he participated in the Russian-Cambodian meeting.

During the meeting heard the report of Minister of trade of the ECE Andrei Slepnev, but some countries felt that these proposals are unacceptable.

“Following the meeting, the decision was not made. Probably be a review on 2 December in the presence of the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov” – he added.

“It offers experts of the EEC, and while they did not find understanding neither in fact one of the parties”, – said Likhachev.

In the Monday edition of “Vedomosti” and”Kommersant” reported that the EEC plans to limit duty-free Internet trade. Allegedly among the proposed options is the idea of the introduction fee at 15 euros for packages valued at 22-150 euros and a weight of 1-10 kg, and for goods, which cost more than 150 euros and (or) the total weight exceeds 10 kg, you will have to pay 15 euros plus 30% of the customs value.

According to another scenario packages worth up to 150 Euro and weighing less than 10 kg will be charged 10 euros. For the remaining parcels the fee will be 10 euros plus 30% of the customs value but not less than 4 euros per 1 kg of body weight.