Novak: repair damaged power lines in Ukraine does not happen for “political reasons”

Repair damaged power lines in Ukraine does not happen for “political reasons”, said the head of Ministry Alexander Novak.

According to him, private energy capacity of the Crimea now cover 35-40% of the needs of the Peninsula.

Russia rebases additional diesel generators in the Crimea, on Tuesday the plane will be airlifted 300 systems.

Work on the construction of the power bridge to the Crimea is proceeding according to schedule, the first phase will be delivered in December, he said.

Crimea without light

Without electricity in the Crimea as of 08:00 MSK today, there are approximately 938 thousand people, according to the situational and analytical center of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation.
Socially important facilities connected to backup power sources.

According to the Ministry of energy of Russia, in Sevastopol facilities are powered by redundant power supplies. Works on connection of consumers continue.
Electricity generation amounted to 360 MW. Set limits on consumption – 300 MW.

Settlements of the Crimea remained without electricity on Sunday night, November 22. The supply of electricity has stopped in all four lines coming from the territory of Ukraine. Two of them because of damage to poles were destroyed on Friday, two bearings, as reported in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, were undermined last night. The authorities of the Peninsula have entered an emergency situation mode (CHS).

Currently all the major cities of the Crimea is already connected to electricity, but due to the lack of own generation in the Peninsula schedules are inputted disconnect people from electricity and water supply. All social facilities of the Peninsula is connected to backup power sources.

The power outage in the Crimea. Chronicle of events