Russia is ready to allocate $5 billion loan for projects in the framework of cooperation with Iran

Moscow. November 23. The Russian President Vladimir Putin reaffirmed Moscow’s willingness to provide a loan of 5 billion dollars for the implementation of promising projects in Iran.

“(Moscow and Tehran) intend to intensify industrial cooperation. Russia is ready to allocate for these purposes of the state export loan of 5 billion dollars”, – Putin said following talks with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

According to Putin, “selected 35 priority projects in energy, construction, marine terminals, railway electrification, etc.”.

The Russian President said that Moscow and Tehran intend to continue cooperation in the energy sphere.

“At full capacity the first unit of a nuclear power plant in Bushehr, started work on the construction of the second and third blocks,” Putin said.

“We will provide maximum assistance in the implementation of the relevant action plan within the framework of the Iranian nuclear program, endorsed by the UN security Council”, – Putin said, adding that Moscow intends to assist Tehran in the processing of enriched uranium, the conversion of industries to production of stable isotopes for research purposes.