Russia plans to increase gas supplies to the East to 128 billion cubic meters per year

Moscow. November 23. Russia plans to increase gas supplies in the Eastern direction, noted the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at the summit of the Forum of gas exporting countries (GECF).

“And here we have a very positive work is underway with our partners from Asian countries: China and India, and with our other partners. We plan in Asia to increase our deliveries from 6% to 30% to 128 billion cubic meters,” he said.

Currently already have a contract via the Eastern route of gas supplies to China of 38 billion cubic meters and is discussed at 30 billion cubic meters via the Western route and the supply of pipeline gas from the Far East.

According to Putin, “in preparing a draft national energy Strategy until 2035, we are laying a significant 40% increase in natural gas production”. “If in 2014 we produced 578 billion cubic meters by 2035, we plan to extract 885 billion cubic meters,” he said.

“With EU partners, we plan to implement a number of infrastructure projects, with Turkey we accord the southern route”, – Putin said.