Tesla is Recalling all 90 thousand Model S because of problems with seat belts

Moscow. November 23. American electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors Inc. announced a recall of all sold cars of the Model S, that is, more than 90 thousand cars because of possible problems with safety belts in the front passenger seat, reports Bloomberg.

On the same car in Europe was a defect associated with improper fastening of the belt tensioner. The defect led to the accident, however, in the event of a collision the safety of the passenger would not have been secured properly.

Tesla turned every owner of a Model S, asking clients to come to service center to check the car. While the inspection was subjected to about 3 thousand cars, and in them similar violations were found.

The Model S sedan went on sale in June 2012, the price starts from $75 thousand Electric car can drive without topping is about 430 km.

During the pre-trading on Monday, shares of Tesla fell 1.1%, its market capitalization is estimated at $28.8 billion