“Ukrenergo”: the repair of disrupted power lines in the Kherson region, it is planned to start on 24 November

KIEV, November 23. Repair crews plan to start work on the restoration of damaged power lines in the Kherson area from November, 24th, however on the restoration of electricity is not discussed yet, said acting CEO of the company Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

“Scheduled tomorrow to start rebuilding the line from the substation “Kakhovskaya” 330 kV to the substation “Titan” 220 kV. It is a 220 kV line, which was blown up at the same time with the line “Melitopol-Dzhankoy” at 4:30 am on Friday (20 November)”, – he said on air of the Ukrainian “Fifth channel”.

Kovalchuk noted that the bulk of the electricity on these lines is in Crimea, the rest is returned to mainland Ukraine. “A prerequisite for the beginning of the recovery lines is the cutting of the wires to anchor-corner posts closest to the injury site. After cutting will be a restoration, disassemble the remains of the old supports will be delivered and raised all new wires. As of right now is the only solution that we have permit of work from activists who now block this access,” – said Kovalchuk,

He also said that on resumption of power supply lines for this until it is not. “We are talking about the restoration of power lines, not to restore the energy supply. While we will make a replacement prop and will wait for decisions, we’ll have to splice the wires,” – said the head of “Ukrenergo”.

Settlements of the Crimea remained without electricity on Sunday night, November 22. The supply of electricity has stopped in all four lines coming from the territory of Ukraine. Two of them because of damage to poles were destroyed on Friday, two bearings, as reported in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, were undermined last night. The authorities of the Peninsula have entered an emergency situation mode (CHS).

Currently all the major cities of the Crimea is already connected to electricity, but due to the lack of own generation in the Peninsula schedules are inputted disconnect people from electricity and water supply. All social facilities of the Peninsula is connected to backup power sources.

The power outage in the Crimea. Chronicle of events