Aviators Russia a month without Ukraine

MOSCOW, 25 Nov. A month ago Russian and Ukrainian airlines have suspended flights between the two countries because of prohibitions on the carriage of aviation authorities. Ukraine has lost leadership in foreign travel of Russians.

The Ukrainian government on September 16 imposed sanctions on Russian airline 25, which, in particular, flew in the Russian Crimea. The Cabinet also banned the transit of Russian air carriers. In response, Russia took the mirror measures in relation to Ukrainian airlines. From October 25, direct flights between the two countries was suspended.

Who was short of money

Most of the imposed moratorium on air travel was affected Ukraine. So the Ukrainian state enterprise for air traffic services “UkSATSE” lost approximately ten million euros, the data on 23 November resulted in interview to the Ukrainian edition “Лига.net” the company’s Director says Dmytro babeichuk.

“According to the estimations of our analysts, the loss of the “UkSATSE” from already imposed sanctions account for around ten million euros, approximately 11% of total revenues,” said Babeichuk. According to him, since the beginning of this year and until the imposition of sanctions 20.3% of the total number of executed flights in the airspace of Ukraine was accounted for by aircraft of the airlines of the Russian Federation, while the share of Ukrainian companies was 14.3%.

Lost money and airline. “Since 25 October sales remained at the same level as 30 days earlier prior to the ban on direct flights. This is due, probably, to the fact that by the date of termination of air service demand was at rock bottom and continue to fall just not much”, — said General Director of Agency on sale of tickets Pososhok.ru Cyril faminskii. According to him, over the month the number of searches has fallen by 34%.

Dmitry Khrapov, founder of tourist service tutu.Roux adds that in the ranking of countries where the Russians are flying in international travel Ukraine has moved from the first position (according to November 2014) at tenth place. “The share of tickets from Russia to Ukraine in November 2015, compared with 2014 fell three times — from 10.4% to 3.3% (from country to country can be reached with a change — ed.)”, — he said.

Who won

Ban gave a chance to the carriers of other countries to improve their financial situation due to Russian and Ukrainian passengers. “The leader in replanting was expected to Minsk, then to Chisinau, it is clear that these two cities will compete for the remaining passenger traffic from Russia to Ukraine”, — said faminskii.

Belarusian airline “Belavia” on 12 November opened the third daily flight between Minsk and Kyiv, and announced plans to increase the number of flights to four. “Tonight will be three frequencies, and if they are loaded, there will be a fourth frequency. I hope that this fourth frequency will appear before the New year”, — said the Deputy Director General for marketing and foreign economic activity of “Belavia” Igor Cherginets.

Was won by Ukrainian Railways. “Since the advent of information about the prohibition of flights of the Ukrainian and Russian air carriers to Ukraine and Russia, the share purchased in tutu.ru of train tickets has increased by more than half compared with the previous period. Thus, the proportion of railway tickets in Ukraine from January to October 24 2015 was approximately 1.3% of all decorated train tickets, and after October 25, has already grown to 2.3%”, — said Dmitry Khrapov.

Now between Russia and Ukraine there are no direct trains made up by JSC FPC (the”daughter” of Russian Railways on the transport of passengers long-distance). The company after the events of spring 2014 was forced to gradually reduce the number of trains its own formation in the Ukrainian routes. At the end of that year they were completely abolished in the optimization of routes due to lower ridership.

On the territory of Ukraine is currently one transit FPC train Moscow-Chisinau-Moscow with a stop in Kyiv, and several Ukrainian stations. Other trains connecting Russia and Ukraine, belong to Ukrainian Railways and the railway administrations of the CIS countries.

Russian Railways amid mutual restrictions in Ukraine and Russia on flights to the end of October 2015 reported that watching the growth of sales of tickets in trains of distant following in January between Russia and Ukraine. The representative of monopoly has noted that, in particular, on the train between Moscow and Kiev ticket sales for November increased by 1.5 times compared to the same period of the previous year.

However, on Tuesday, the FPC reported that the sale of tickets in the message between the Russian Federation and Ukraine on the whole November 2015 fell by 31% compared with November last year. The source noted that sales for the current month still in progress.

The Ministry of transport is ready to dialogue

Russia still aims to restore air links with Ukraine, but the movements towards Ukraine no, told journalists on 17 November, the transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

“We still have an open position. We remain focused on the restoration of flights and air traffic with Ukraine, bilateral flights and transit flights,” said Sokolov. He noted that after the meeting in Brussels which took place on 23 October that “any meaningful position from the Ukrainian colleagues we have not got it.”

“We are in touch, but movement in this direction in the interests of passengers and aviation authorities are currently not for lack of desire of the Ukrainian authorities”, — said the Minister.