Interfax has introduced a new version of SPARK

Moscow. November 24. International information Group “Interfax” held a presentation of a fundamentally new version of the system for SPARK “SPARK 3.0”, November 25, will be available for tens of thousands of its users in Russia and abroad.

“Every year the volume of business increased by 70-80%, a growing proportion of unstructured data, which needs modern technologies and approaches. New version of Spark is a tool that helps to extract relevant information from big data – of any scale and structure of sources, including little structured, provides an effective solution to any problems encountered by our clients in the field of risk management”, – said Deputy General Director, General Director of project SPARK, Roman Laba.

The changes affected interfaces, functionality, system capabilities, users have gained access to important new sources of information.

The system allows retrieval of all information array including information on the different countries, data from any source structure.

“SPARK 3.0 learned not only to extract useful information from the data itself, but also to extract knowledge from a set of heterogeneous elements, and even connections between them,” says Laba.

Expanded monitoring capability – the most popular service in Doubles. Nowhere was the information on risk factors in respect of any legal entity. Due to the in 2015, the calibration increased the accuracy of analytical estimates of the Twin – Index, financial risk Index due diligence.

A new SPARK has learned how to conduct multidimensional risk analysis of the list of companies, legal entities breaking into groups depending on parameters such as industry, level of risk, adverse factors (liquidation, bankruptcy, reorganization). Using these tools, you can comprehensively monitor the quality of its loan portfolio or changing the risk profile of counterparties.

Tripled the number of companies that have tandem lift Index of payment discipline, which is an assessment of the risk of delay in payments. It is the result of expanding the number of partners who voluntarily reported the timing (timely or delayed) payment of accounts contractors within the current “Interfax” project “SPARK-Monitoring of payments”.

A new SPARK has been enriched, apart from Ukraine and Kazakhstan, the registration data of the companies of Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, it now partially covers the legal entity and of other countries of the former USSR.

Increased significantly in Doubles, the number of cross-border chains of ownership, formed on the basis of work with foreign registries of legal persons.

SPARK ( is a professional solution for verification of counterparties, credit management and tax risk management, marketing, investment analysis, finding of affiliation.

The system was created by the “Interfax” in 2003 and is the undisputed leader in its segment of the information market. System advantages – high quality of information, a comprehensive set of sources, a unique analytic (in particular, the ratings and scoring for the assessment of the solvency and reliability of companies), as well as a wide international coverage.