Lavrov believes that Turkey could negotiate with the US attack on su-24

Lavrov believes that Turkey could negotiate with the US attack on su-24

MOSCOW, November 25. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov believes that the Turkish authorities could agree with the U.S. decision to shoot down a Russian su-24 bomber over Syrian territory, since Turkey is part of the American coalition.

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“Turkey is formally a member of the coalition, which was created by the US, he told reporters. – In addition to those obligations contained in Russian-American Memorandum on the military on the avoidance of incidents in the air and on the adoption of specific measures in the Memorandum are listed, the Americans wrote in this Memorandum that it will apply to all participants (coalition), including Turkey. But any precautionary measures mandated by this document, the Turks did not take”.

Lavrov also noted that in addition to the Russian-American Memorandum, there are vnutricletocny discipline.

“Some members of the coalition, including those of its combat aircraft for strikes on Iraq and Syria, we are confidentially told that because the aircraft in service with their air force American manufacturing, Americans require before you strike, to ask the consent of the U.S. for such action, the Minister said. – As I understand it, our plane was shot down by American F-16. I wonder whether that demand of the Americans to members of the coalition used aircraft obtained from the United States, to Turkey, and if applies, I wonder whether asked Turkey permission from the United States to raise in the air and their aircraft over Syrian territory to bring down even the unknown aircraft”.

“It is very like a well-planned provocation”

The Minister also noted that the attack of the Turkish air force Russian su-24 like a deliberate provocation. Sergey Lavrov reminded that in the document that Russia signed with the Americans and which lists necessary measures to avoid unintended incidents in the air, there is a special clause that States that “Americans are committed to ensure that all coalition members followed the procedures in this document are agreed”.

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According to him, the Turkish Minister could not answer, was whether the Turks agreed with the Americans as “chiefs” of the coalition, its actions against Russian aircraft.

“Since beginning operations in Syria between the National control center of defense of the Russian Federation and the Turkish Ministry of defense was established, the hotline, which is not used neither yesterday nor before that, – said Lavrov. It also raises big questions”.

“We have serious doubts that it was unintentional act, it is very like a well – planned provocation,” said the Minister.

What you need to do Turkey, so things are back to normal? Must still conclude that a similar attack that occurred yesterday is intolerable. I heard from Minister çavuşoğlu (Turkish foreign Minister – ed.) condolences, but everything else was aimed to justify the Turkish position

Sergey Lavrov
the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

The attack on su-24M

November 24 Russian bomber su-24M was shot down by a missile “air-air”, released fighter F-16 from the Turkish air force. One of the pilots was killed, another was rescued and taken to a Russian base. During the operation for the evacuation of the crew was also destroyed Russian helicopter Mi-8, resulted in the death of a marine-a soldier.

In Turkey claim that the downed plane had violated the country’s airspace. The Russian defense Ministry claims that the su-24M remained in the sky over Syria, and violated the border attacked a Turkish fighter.

The Russian General staff warned that Russia will destroy all potentially dangerous targets over Syria, and announced the deployment to the Syrian coast missile cruiser “Moskva” with the air defense system “Fort” (similar to s-300).