Rostelecom launched its own game project

Moscow. November 24. PJSC “Rostelecom” has launched a game project web portal, but in the medium term to develop games, said Vice-President of Rostelecom Alexey Basov journalists in Moscow.

“I want to accumulate audiences and to offer exclusive products, – said the head of the game project “Rostelecom” Alexey sadonov. – Some will be later this year”.

Currently game project “Rostelecom” presents actually a gaming portal and a special application for Windows (informs the user about the status of his account on the portal). Currently it is in pilot commercial operation.


“The web platform is one of the elements to work with users and publishers, said Bass. In the future I want to cover all devices and platforms”.

He noted that operators around the world look at the gaming market. “We (in Russia – Interfax) catch up with the world market and the best practices in this direction have not,” said Bass.

According to Basov, on the horizon of 2-3 years “Rostelecom” will be engaged in the accumulation of the audience, addressing issues of content distribution. “In the horizon of 5-7 years the market will be dominated by the company, covering the entire chain – from content production to its distribution, – he predicts. Bad the company that does not want to capture the whole chain.”

“The success of the project will be the construction of a complete ecosystem environment uniting the audience, the content distribution system,” said Bass. Specific plans – by revenue, by market share, according to the audience – he called while refused.

In the company’s plans include the development of a game project, including in terms of release for other platforms – Smart TV, mobile platforms Android and iOS, set-top boxes, etc.

In addition, according to Basov, the project will also include the launch of cloud gaming service when the games themselves run on the server operator.


Partners “Rostelecom” on the creation and launch of a number of companies. Actually the development platform has been the company “ANASA”. Payment partner of the project were “Yandex.Money.” For the content responsible Group, “Tatkraft”, “Destiny development” and Alawar. And “Yandex.Money” is the payment partner of the portal only in terms of social and casual games that run on the portal and not require downloading the client part of the game.

The Deputy first Vice-President the Basil Magorian noted that the company ( not only the publisher but also the developer of games. “We see opportunities for partnership, he said. – Work on revenue share model”(programme of support for custom content).

Game developers, who wished to become partners gaming portal, Rostelecom offers to receive 50% of the profits from the game “after paying all commissions”. The operator will charge developers a fee in the amount of 3 thousand rubles for actually placing the game on its website.

Bass noted that when the project starts, the team wondered what to do with publishers/developers (on average they account for about 70% of the profits). According to him, Rostelecom may nominate their own terms, as he has something to offer in return. We are talking about the audience of the operator. Including the audience for broadband Internet, interactive and cable TV. “This audience is not scattered,” concluded Bass.


Previously, the company J’son & Partners Consulting (JPC) predicted that by the end of 2015 the volume of Russian market of computer games will grow by 8% to $1.76 billion from $1.63 billion in 2014. While JPC noted that this market will maintain growth rates in 2016, which is expected to grow to $1.89 billion

About 40% of the gaming market accounts for massively multiplayer online games (MO games). The rest of the market share of mobile games, PC games, console games and browser/social games.