Sands: talking about the consequences for relations of Russia and Turkey is now wrong

Sands: talking about the consequences for relations of Russia and Turkey is now wrong

SOCHI, November 24. In the Kremlin consider it wrong to talk now about any impact on Russian-Turkish relations as a result of the incident with the Russian su-24 aircraft.

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Defense Ministry: su-24 Russian air group allegedly shot down in Syria

“It would be wrong now to give any estimates, predictions and draw some conclusions before we (will) have the full picture,” – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. Thus he answered the question about the prospects of relations between Moscow and Ankara.

“Here you just need to be patient, this is a very serious incident, but, again, without having full information, to say anything is impossible and it would be wrong”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

In the Kremlin do not know whether the canceled visit of Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov to Turkey, scheduled for Wednesday, November 25. “Call the Ministry of foreign Affairs”, – told the journalists the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, answering the question about the visit of Lavrov.

The incident with su-24

As reported earlier, the defense Ministry, the su-24 Russian air group crashed in Syria. Presumably, this occurred as a result of attack from the ground, when the aircraft was at a height of 6 thousand meters. The fate of the pilots specified. According to preliminary data, the pilots managed to eject. “We also elucidate the circumstances of the fall of the Russian plane. The defense Ministry notes that the duration of the flight the aircraft was solely over the territory of Syria. This is recorded by objective means of control”, – stressed in the Ministry.

Commenting on the incident, Peskov said that the Kremlin it is known that su-24 was over the territory of Syria. “Still, while we from the defense Ministry the reasons for the fall of our combat aircraft is not heard. We know for certain that the plane was in Syrian airspace, over Syrian territory”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, the Turkish General staff , violated the airspace of this country. As stated in the common statement of the General staff, the downed plane was warned about the violation of ten times, after which interfered with two F-16 Turkey.

The crash of a military aircraft at the Turkish-Syrian border. Chronicle of events