The court confirmed the violation of the SU-155 of the law on protection of competition

Moscow. November 24. Ninth arbitration appeal court on Tuesday upheld the verdict of the Moscow Arbitration court, which on June 23 upheld the decision of FAS of Russia in Moscow from 18 December 2014 on the violation of JSC “SU-155” law on protection of competition.

From business materials follows that the infringement was expressed “in the misrepresentation concerning consumer properties and quality of the product, by posting information about the construction of the Moscow residential complex “New Trekhgorka” in the brochures “the Neighborhood “New Trekhgorka” and “House – Builder”, as well as in information and communication network Internet sites and”.

JSC “SU-155” was the developer of the neighborhood “New Trekhgorka”.

The Moscow OFAS of Russia on 13 February 2013 received a collective appeal of citizens, concluded in the period from January to September 2012 the agreements to participate in cooperatives to invest in the construction of residential buildings in Moscow region.

According to the appeal, signing a contract, citizens take into account information about the characteristics of houses under construction, posted on the websites, as well as contained in the brochures distributed at the sales office of apartments in the neighborhood “New Trekhgorka”.

After the contracts are signed with these shareholders, 15 November 2012 “SU-155” on the website published information about changes in construction. “All the participants of construction by the developer and the Board of HBC understands the critical attitude of the public to the decision, but find it only possible for unconditional execution of the obligations on commissioning of buildings in operation”, – stated in it.

In this case the competition authority found that the decision to change series of buildings was taken directly CJSC “SU-155” alone, without taking into account the views of shareholders.

As a result adjustments have been made series of houses under construction has changed the characteristics of projects under construction, and the citizens received the goods of inferior quality.

Group of companies SU-155 is one of the largest Russian construction companies, the group includes over 80 industrial and construction companies.

Financial problems “SU-155” was aggravated in November 2014: the authorities of Moscow stated that the group needs in the budget of about 1 billion rubles for the lease of land. This was followed by claims of creditors, and in March of this year the default occurred on the bonds on 2,3 billion roubles.

By the end of 2014, the company’s debt was estimated more than 25 billion rubles. It was reported that “SU-155” has suspended the construction of several large residential complexes in Moscow, Moscow region and other regions.

Currently the decision on reorganization of the entire holding.