The foreign Minister of Syria during his visit to Moscow to discuss the fight against ISIS and the political process

MOSCOW, November 25. Foreign Minister Walid Muallem arrives on Wednesday to Moscow for a visit. The program is scheduled to meet with the speaker of the state Duma Sergei Naryshkin. Talks with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is expected to be held on November 27.

On 20 October in the Russian capital was visited by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, before he Muallem visited Moscow on June 29. It was then that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, in fact, first proposed the initiative of creating a broad antiterrorist front.

Russian-Syrian agenda covers all aspects of the crisis in this Arab Republic. This relates VKS RF in air strikes on the positions of militants, the results of the two Vienna international meetings, in particular in terms of launching the political process.

It is highly likely that one of the topics will be the attack of the Turkish air force Russian su-24 returning from a combat sortie.

The incident with su-24 will have serious consequences

Ankara insists that he shot down the bomber because allegedly violated Turkish airspace, but su-24 no border crossings. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin explicitly stated that such actions can be regarded as aiding the extremists. “Today’s loss is connected with the blow that struck us in the back accomplices of the terrorists. Otherwise I can’t qualify what happened today”, – he stressed.

“Of course, we carefully analyze what happened, and today’s tragic event would have serious consequences for Russian-Turkish relations,” Putin said.

The head of state paid special attention to the flow of oil to Turkey from occupied Syrian territories.

Meeting of “support for Syria” in Vienna gave some hope for resolving the crisis in Syria. Initially, the four-party talks (Russia, USA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia) grew at the insistence of Russia in the international platform. To promote the specific tasks of the ceasefire, the fight against terrorist group “Islamic state” and similar parties specifically ignored the issue of the fate of Bashar al-Assad.

The list of negotiators from the opposition formed

Official Damascus have formed a delegation for talks with the opposition. According to the results of the Vienna meeting on 14 November it was agreed that the representatives of the government and its opponents should hold consultations in the near future before the end of this year. The opposition broadly representative a coalition is not formed. Moreover, among external players there is no agreement, who may be considered acceptable for inter-Syrian dialogue with opponents of the regime.

Not agreed and the list of terrorist organizations, with whom no contact will be, who will not affect the Declaration of the ceasefire. While in the stop list only “Islamic state” and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra”. Some “moderate” extremists, a number of external players to recognize the terrorists not in a hurry.

“Their proposals about what we consider terrorist groups operating in Syria and in neighbouring countries, we transferred to our partners for a long time. A couple of weeks ago, we received conflicting views from our American colleagues and other participants of process, – said Sergey Lavrov. In many ways they are the same, but the work still remains, quite an easy job, given that the various factions with extremist views sometimes change color, when foreign sponsors, wanting to give them more digestible and respectable appearance, I advise you to abandon radical rhetoric and terrorist, and to stand before the eyes of the world community as the so-called “moderate opposition”.

The question of the participation of Assad to the Syrians decide for themselves

As expected, negotiations in Vienna on his own was transferred to Ankara: say, a consensus on the participation of Assad in future presidential elections. Such Lavrov’s interpretation rigidly stopped.

“Any agreements that President Bashar Assad will not participate in a particular stage of the policy process have been achieved. Indeed, some countries, including our Turkish colleagues, promoted such ideas, but they did not receive consensus support, so to say that someone has to agree not to participate, is absolutely incorrect, he said. All agreed, recorded on paper and any interpretation and interpretation is not subject”.

According to the Vienna statement, preparation of the presidential elections should take 18 months: in particular, after the ceasefire for six months, you need to create inclusive and non-confessional system of government and drafting a new Constitution.

Moscow has repeatedly stressed that the question of the participation of Assad in the political process to solve for Syrians.

Moscow urges not to play with fire

Ankara, November 24, has jeopardized the creation of the anti-terrorist coalition. However, the terrorists quickly forget the help, the political position of the States they are not important. “Our common obligation to prevent “Islamic state” became a state, and it tries to create a Caliphate with threats of a huge number of countries and the entire human civilization,” warned the Minister.

To the words of the Russian Minister someone should listen before it is too late.