Brisco has suspended the sale of tours to Turkey

MOSCOW, November 25. Tour operator Brisco was suspended from 24 November 2015, the sale of tours to Turkey, said in a statement.

“In accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 8 November 2015 “On certain measures to ensure the national security of the Russian Federation and protecting Russian citizens from criminal and other illegal actions”, the tour operator Brisco announces suspension from 24 November 2015, the sale of tourist services in the direction of Turkey”, – stated in the message of the tour operator.

Previously, the travel company “Pegas Touristik” canceled all tours in Turkey until 29 December inclusive. Also stopped the implementation of vouchers in these areas the tour operator “Natalie tours”. To suspend the sale of tours to Turkey from November 24, announced and “Biblio Globus”.