CEO: Yeltsin returned to the Russians self-esteem

EKATERINBURG, November 25. Russia’s first President Boris Yeltsin returned to the country’s inhabitants self-esteem. This was said by General Director of news Agency of Russia Sergey Mikhailov at the opening of the Presidential center of Boris Yeltsin in Yekaterinburg.

“For me, the figure of Boris Yeltsin is great, as for everyone here and for those who didn’t win. This is the man who gave us back our self-respect, did everything that we lived at the time and in the country we live in today, laid the Foundation of this, not being afraid of anything. This is a courageous, great man,” said Mikhailov.

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According to him, “Yeltsin centre” – this is the best Museum in Russia, which is little that can compare in the world. “This Museum is made heart. In addition to brains, creativity, which are felt in every line, there is still a lot of love. Sea of love, sea of some relationships abundance of positive energy. He (Yeltsin) seemed to be a lump, but there are so many good human traits; he was primarily just a good man. And it certainly shows here,” said the CEO.

“Yeltsin Centre” was established on the basis of the law “On centers of historical heritage of presidents of the Russian Federation who have stopped execution of powers”, which was adopted in 2008. The funding from the Federal budget was allocated about 5 billion roubles. The area is 22 thousand square meters, there are educational and children’s centres, gallery, meeting room, Museum, archive and library. The core of the “Yeltsin Centre” is a Museum of the first President of Russia. In the archives of the Museum contains tens of thousands of documents, photographs, more than 130 video interviews, 163 are mounted mediaprograms.