Debt threshold for bankruptcy of legal entities proposed to raise from 300 to 500 thousand rubles

Moscow. On 26 November. Senator Anton Belyakov introduced to the state Duma a bill that increases the threshold debts of legal entities, required for the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, reports the press service of the parliamentarian.

“Our bill is intended to eliminate the current law in the conflict. At present time for initiation of proceedings about bankruptcy of the legal entity it is necessary that claims against the debtor in the aggregate was not less than 300 thousand rubles. At the same time, to initiate similar procedures against individuals need to get the total amount of its debts was not less than 500 thousand rubles”, – quotes the words Beliakova his press service.

According to the Senator, such a different approach to bankruptcy of citizens and legal entities of unreasonable and unjust, because the sum at half a million rubles for physical persons is much more considerable than 300 thousand for legal.

“It is noteworthy in this connection that at the present time a citizen may take out a mortgage at 3 million rubles in a pledge belonging to him apartments, and the firm “Horns and hoofs”, which has in the authorized capital of two chairs, a multi – million dollar loans. This situation and are often unfair to the organization, initially unwilling to meet its obligations to creditors. As soon as the outstanding debt exceeds 300 thousand rubles, they simply initiate the procedure of bankruptcy and go out of debt,” – said Belyakov.

With this regard, introduced by Senator bill envisages raising the threshold for initiation of bankruptcy procedures legal entities from 300 thousand to 500 thousand rubles.