Deputies of the Communist party propose to introduce trade sanctions against Turkey

MOSCOW, 26 Nov. Deputies of the state Duma from the CPRF Valery Rashkin and Sergei Obukhov offer the Russian government to consider the possibility of introducing trade sanctions against Turkey after the incident with su-24 in Syria, for example, to prohibit or substantially restrict exports to Russia of Turkish fruit and vegetables, clothes and shoes.

On Tuesday in Syria was wrecked Russian bomber su-24. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced that the plane was shot down by a rocket type “air-air” with a Turkish F-16s over Syrian territory and fell in Syria four kilometers from the border with Turkey. The Russian President called it a “stab in the back” by the accomplices of terrorists. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia may suspend an important joint projects with Turkey.

“We ask you to consider the question of the imposition of trade sanctions against the Turkish Republic”, — stated the Deputy’s request to Medvedev, the text of which is available.

The Communists refer to some data according to which Turkey provides economic support to the IG.

“Obviously, Russia cannot be an economic partner supporters of terrorists, which is waging an uncompromising war. The structure of foreign trade with the Turkish Republic should be radically revised,” according to deputies.

Clothes, cars and construction

Rashkin and Obukhov believe that the import of certain goods from Turkey could deny or significantly limit. In their opinion, Russia can easily find a replacement Turkish vegetables and fruits, fish and sunflower seeds; clothes and shoes; detergents, dummies and furniture.

“In addition, it is necessary to abandon coming from Turkey passenger cars, their parts and components, covering a large part of the Turkish exports of machinery and equipment (the article overall is about 30% of exports to Russia)”, — stated in the request.

The MPs also consider it necessary to restrict imports of services from Turkey. They remind that already offered the Russian leadership to stop travel connection to Turkey. “It is intolerable when on the Turkish beaches and in hotels of Russian tourists are the side-by-side with is militants undergoing treatment and rehabilitation in Turkey,” according to deputies.

In their view, it is also possible to use individual sanctions against Turkish companies. “The range of clothes in Russian stores is not much affected, if not sold will be Turkish brands. So, Ipekyol, Twist and Machka (Ayaydin Grubu company), Vakko, Network, Aker, Beymen, Zeki Triko, Arzu Kaprol and many others can be incorporated into the relevant stop-list” — write Rashkin and Obukhov.

According to the text of the request, in Russia there are about 100 Turkish construction companies on the objects of Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, and Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Sverdlovsk, Vladimir, Rostov areas and Krasnodar territory. Deputies believe that these firms are easy to find a replacement.

“The limitation of Russian exports has to come from the priorities of combating international terrorism and protecting the interests of the Russian economy. At the same time, Ankara is not ready to limit themselves to a considerable extent the imports from Russia mineral products and metals that make up the main articles of foreign trade, and unlikely to refuse the construction of Russian NPP “Akkuyu” — according to Rashkin and Obukhov.